Letter from Founding Advisor

The way I see it, CPB is an incredible force that is changing the way CMCers experience their time in college. Across decades students have touted the CMC social scene as a highlight of their college career. The reason I believe it is so highly revered is because these students and alumni made some of their best friends when they engaged with events hosted on campus. Student life on campus makes up so much of an individual’s experience that it is paramount that one should engage outside of the classroom. CPB is helping to shape what that can look like for hundreds of CMCers.

The diversity that spans the students represented on the CPB Joint Board make up a conglomeration of so many wonderful intricacies that our student body has to offer. Each CPB member takes pride in their work and learns valuable skills as they develop through their years at CMC. Being the advisor for such an incredible group of students is one of the greatest joysin my work. I have a front row seat to change within individuals and throughout this campus. It is my sincerest hope that every CMCer will have had their experience positively impacted, either directly or indirectly, by the work of the CPB. Only six years in the making and we are well on our way. #CPBLove

- Kari Rood